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2016 Nominations! This year I received a Digital Publishing Award nomination for my work at and a Canadian Business Magazine Award nomination for my regular cartoon in Renovation Contractor magazine.

What's New:

In Episode 5 of The New Pluebus, the Crown Prince, Fontaine, comes into the office seeking help to find his 'one true love'. Stan and Segmentus disagree on dating strategies:

In Episode 3 of The New Pluebus, Stan seeks ideas to help grow the company and Segmentus promotes a dubious new 'wristwatch' plan:

In the first episode of my new animated youtube sitcom, The New Pluebus, Stan loses a senment of his body that grows into a new creature who isn't quite sure how he fits into the world:



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The third episode of Muscle Bodies, my show about bodybuilder zombies and a group of people who struggle to survive and figure out what's really going on. In this episode, Earl reaches Stacey's London, Ontario apartment where he meets some of her neighbours who have taken shelter there. They're forced to decide whether to stay or flee: