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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Scientology Sings!

Why no enjoy the Tom Cruise Scientology Cult Crusade '05 while listening to tracks from L. Ron Hubbard's Road to Freedom album. All your favourites are there: Travolta, Leif Garrett, Frank Stallone, Lee Purcell and more! The first and last songs are the best (especially if you cherish bizarre, paranoid lyrics). Check out this glowing review:

The song reminds us, "You are not mind or chemicals, you don't even have a form. You're in a trap of senseless lies, it's time to be reborn. Get on the Road to freedom, help us free all mankind. The pain and all your sorrow are only in your mind." Well, now they're in my stereo, too.

Warning: contains excessive 1980s musical stylins.

4:53 PM , # ,


Doc Stuff

Vinyl - The Yard Sale. Filmmaker Alan Zweig is selling his crap this Saturday from 11am to 6pm at 402 Dovercourt. And there will be vinyl for sale ...

Street Fight - The Broadcast. Marshall emailed to remind everyone that his award-winning doc will be airing on PBS on Tuesday night. Don't miss it!

12:36 PM , # ,


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

These covers were intended to be a bit extreme, but last Saturday's Toronto Star actually stooped to the level of publishing a 'Karla Homolka Makeover' series of large colour photos featuring Homolka in a bunch of different hair styles clipped from fashion mags. But it really was the people at the SUN who let their obsession with Homolka hang out day after day ...

Speaking of the SUN, they dropped off free copies of their Monday edition on all the doorsteps in my 'hood. Clearly, they are becoming desperate as their readership numbers plummet but for a paper that had such a scrappy beginning, they're going down without much of a fight. The SUN was the one paper that didn't fight the newspaper war: no redesign, no content changes, no attempt to attract younger readers with annoying Leah McLaren-esque columnists. Even the SUN Girl has been punted to the back pages.

The SUN is like a dirty old man, slowly fading away.

10:55 PM , # ,


Up Where the Air is Clear

Paris, France

Like I said, I didn't trust Quon'dar and the last thing I wanted to do was sit around in a hotel waiting for him. If I confronted the voice on the other end of the phone, I could possibly get some answers.

I went to the Eiffel Tower and caught the wobbly elevator.

Halfway up, in the second elevator, the car shook and stopped. Everyone stood nervously and looked out over the city. We waited. There was a clang and the elevator resumed its trip.

A thick crowd of tourists wandered around the the observation deck ... any one of them could have been the voice from the phone.

I sipped on a terrible cup of instant coffee and waited.

Then I spotted a familiar face ...

SHARKY McFINN: You're here. Smart move.

BLAMB: Wait a minute, I know you! You're that shark! You're the reason Alice and Quon'dar split! You're trouble!

SHARKY: There's no need to fly off the handle.

BLAMB: No wonder Alice is dead, getting mixed up with the likes of Quon'dar and yourself!

SHARKY: Hey, relax.

BLAMB: I'm outta here. I don't need you to get me killed, too.

SHARKY: You don't understand, I'm here to help you.

BLAMB: Help me?

SHARKY: Yesterday, a murder occurred here on this very spot.


SHARKY: The woman who was murdered was talking on the phone with Alice just before she was killed.

BLAMB: She's involved in all of this?

SHARKY: Here, look at the police photos of the body.

BLAMB: She fell. How did she get over the wire mesh?

SHARKY: Keep looking. There's an even bigger mystery.

I looked over the photos. The first set were taken from above, from the tower. The second set were close-ups and revealed something shocking.

BLAMB: Wait. What the hell is THAT?

1:58 PM , # ,


I was at the monthly Toronto Comic Jam last night and compared blog notes with Nadia and Dave.

9:54 AM , # ,


Tuesday, June 28, 2005


In Episode 9, Laserfart travels to the past and inadvertently creates an evil, alternate-timeline Laserfart.

Also excellent at Channel 101: Yacht Rock.

9:29 AM , # ,



Neil, Jan & I found a shady spot to sit where I could tell them the story of my adventure.

JAN: Let's go! Tell your story! What happened?

BLAMB: After rescuing me from certain doom, Quon'dar stuck me on a plane and sent me out of the country. He told me to hide and wait for him. I'm no fan of Quon'dar and I don't trust him, but it made sense to follow his lead until other options were presented ...

Paris, France

It was sunny, clear and cool in Paris and I was happy to get away from the Toronto smog. It would have been difficult hiding back in Canada because my photo had just been published on the cover of MacLeans, heralding this site as "the bestest, most fantastically goodest blog ever in the history of Confederation". While the praise was certainly deserved, it made walking down the street somewhat difficult.

Unfortunately, as soon as I arrived, it seemed like being recognized was going to be a problem in France as well. In the elevator at the hotel, I startled a maid.

MAID: Oh! Pardon, monsieur CNBC.

BLAMB: Um ... je parle seulement un peu de francais.

MAID: Oui, monsieur CNBC.

BLAMB: [to self] I wonder what 'C'est en bassai' means?

My plan was simple: hang out at the hotel, drink lots of coffee and eat crepes & tarts. But the phone rang as soon as I entered the room.

STRANGER'S VOICE: Is that you?


STRANGER: The bestest, most fantasically goodest blogger ever in the history of Confederation?

BLAMB: Maybe.

STRANGER: You're in danger. You have to leave NOW.

BLAMB: I just got here.

STRANGER: You have to get out of the hotel. Walk two blocks east along the Seine to the RER station, buy a ticket and take the train to the Eiffel Tower. I will be waiting for you on the top observation deck.

BLAMB: Can't I just take five minutes to catch my breath ...


[ click ]

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Monday, June 27, 2005


Over at Maria's:

Cellino & Barnes vs. Brown & Chiari

7:38 PM , # ,


In Print

My Hot Docs blog was mentioned in a RealScreen article about docs & blogs.

4:48 PM , # ,


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Return of the Blamblog

Yonge Street - Pride Parade

Neil and Jan looked like they'd seen a ghost.

JAN: It's you!

NEIL: When we heard about Alice, we'd feared the worst! We didn't know if you were alive or dead or kidnapped or what ...

BLAMB: A little bit of 'all of the above'.

NEIL: What happened?

BLAMB: Well, it's quite a story ...

Whenever I say, "Well, it's quite a story," people's eyes start to glaze over, but I continued anyways.

BLAMB: Alice's death sent me on the adventure of a lifetime and I discovered the secrets of one of history's greatest lost treasures. The last few weeks have been startling and frightening. And I helped save the planet from complete destruction. Again.

JAN: Get out!

NEIL: Did you find out what happened to Alice?

BLAMB: I found out all of the answers ... and now, I can tell the world. I can tell the world the truth.

JAN: Never mind the world, tell us!

BLAMB: Well, hang on, we have to go back to the beginning ... to the day Alice was killed ...

Earlier that day, Alice had taken a mysterious phone call.

CECILE: Alice, I am afraid!

ALICE: Where are you?

CECILE: Alice, there are people following me! Strange people ...

ALICE: Calm down. Where are you?

CECILE: I don't think they followed me here.

ALICE: Cecile, tell me where you are!

CECILE: Wait. Oh my! ... you'll never believe who is here. [speaking off the phone] Hello! Hello! How are you? I want to ...

There were some shuffling noises on the phone. Then, nothing.

ALICE: Cecile? Cecile?

Alice could hear the sounds of a crowd of people coming from the phone, but no Cecile. Alice started to run, still shouting into the phone.

ALICE: CECILE? Can you hear me.

A hundred metres below, Cecile's body lay lifeless.

11:10 PM , # ,


Saturday, June 11, 2005


Someone was hammering on the door. It was Alice.

ALICE: We've got to get out of here.

BLAMB: Me? You? Who?

ALICE: All of us ... NOW!

She shoved me and I ran. We ran out the back door. The night was hot and humid.

ALICE: Hurry! They're coming!

BLAMB: Who's coming?

ALICE: Just run! RUN!

I stopped running. A group of figures stood in front of us, still in the darkness.

BLAMB: Who is that?

ALICE: Don't move. Stay still.

BLAMB: Alice ...


We didn't move. I held my breath. The group of shadows blocking our path were perfectly still. Nobody moved. I squinted and tried to make out some of their features ...


I turned, I ran, I lost my footing and stumbled into the fence. I turned to find Alice and she wasn't there ... she was running towards the group. I got up and ran after her ...


There was a flash and everything went dark. I don't know how long I was unconcious, but I had a vague sensation of things happening around me. Slowly, the world began to make sense again and I could see. I could see a green blur. Quon'dar was standing over me. He grabbed my arm.

QUON'DAR: Can you walk?

I couldn't speak. I started to panic. Quon'dar pulled me up.


I looked around frantically. I looked back at Quon'dar.

BLAMB: Alice?

Quon'dar: She's dead.

Blamblog returns Monday, June 27, 2005.

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Fashion Statement

The readers have voted! From now on, I'm going shirtless! I'm going to give away two of these, if you want either the light blue shirt or the crazy, yellow & purple striped shirt, email me at happycreature [at] gmail [dot] com.

btw, if you're a man and you wear clothes, Sugarmama's fashion critique column (something she doesn't do enough) will help you clear a few hurdles.

A last reminder, there will be one more post before this blog goes on its 2 week hiatus for regularly scheduled maintenance. Posting resumes June 27.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Blogumentary vs. Blogumentary

this is nothing new. livejournal was built on stuff like this.
- Mefi comment

Drama, drama!

I was out at recess and all the kids started shouting, BLOGFIGHT! This week's scrap comes to you courtesy of Chuck Olsen at blogumentary and John Hart at 59Bloggers. Both Olsen and Hart managed to make idiots of themselves and the resulting spat dragged a mob of bloggers into the mess and there was plenty of shame for all involved.

You're not feeling deja vu, we covered this ground before in Moxie vs. Moxie. Back then, Moxie and Dawn Olsen (related only in spirit, I imagine) launched an offensive against a blogger called MoxiePop, accusing her of "identity theft". In the ensuing battle, the woman behind 'MoxiePop' lost her job, blog relationships were severed and Moxie took the final step to the Dark Side and became a right-wing parody of herself.

In this reinterpretation of that classic drama (Olsen provides an excellent summary of the affair here), Olsen plays the Moxie role and Hart is MoxiePop, sans blog. Olsen launched the first salvo by emailing Hart, laying claim to the word 'blogumentary', which is the name of both his blog and a documentary he created about blogging. Hart responded with an email saying something like, 'bite me'.

Olsen did what anyone would do and posted the email to his blog, causing Hart to wig out and threaten legal action. Mob violence erupted and bloggers came to Olsen's defence, including some shirtless dude named Nathan Peters who emailed some bloggers, asking them not to particiate in the 59Bloggers project. Hart's reaction to this was to wig out -- again -- with a long, bizarre post making accusations against Olsen & Peters.

Finally, Hart calmed down and was interviewed and Olsen extended the olive branch. Peace.

The lesson from all of this? Don't wig out.

Hart clearly hadn't done anything wrong (ok, maybe he was a bit sloppy and his plan to have 'product placements' in his film is ridiculous) and Olsen was being a twit. Not just a twit, but a persistent, nitpicking, passive-aggressive twit. When Hart reacted, Olsen continued to prod -- he emailed a second time and when Hart responded by threatening legal action (not over the word "blogumentary", but because Olsen had posted his email), he initiated the mob (or as he describes it, "called for help") and even went as far as raising funds to trademark the word 'blogumentary'. Olsen cast himself in a good light as the "nice guy", but read the posts: he was being belligerent.

And worse, for an independent filmmaker, his actions displayed a sorry disregard for the current climate, where corporations encroach on fair use rights, launch frivolous lawsuits against P2P users and lobby to extend copyrights to keep works from entering the public domain. By confronting an obvious quack over a minor quibble, Olsen implicitly excuses the actions of groups like the RIAA.

Finally, as we saw with Moxie vs. Moxie, the only ones who win when bloggers fight are the people who cover the event: they see their traffic spike. Please link generously to this post.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005


1:17 PM , # ,


Sandwich from the Heat

Well, here I'm rollin' down another sunny highway,
been in the sun too long.
I'm goin' bananas but least I'm goin' my way,
I'll prob'bly be here when that sun goes down.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cold, Cold Water

Jenn's blog has begun. Check out the excellent wreck gallery from their dives on Sunday.

Oh, and another new blog, directly from Amsterdam: JOOST!

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The "gay marriage" issue is in the news again because a bunch of narrow-minded Liberal MPs decided to "consult" with Paul Martin on the matter. Guess who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes? The ringleader appears to be our good, old friend, Alan Tonks who sold out Toronto to the Mike Harris gang some years back.

Here's what Rose-Marie Ur, the MP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex (my neck of the woods) has to say on the issue:

The notion of marriage as an opposite sex relationship is so deeply rooted in our society that its redefinition may have far-reaching effects on the future development of our society that cannot be predicted.

Every other argument against same-sex marriage has been debunked, so all social conservatives have left is this muddled bafflegab.

The fact of the matter is, every time freedoms have been extended in Canada, society has not unravelled, it's been strengthened. From past experience then, we can reasonably predict that allowing gays and lesbians to wed will make the country happier place. But the winters will still be cold.

Anyhow, I think we've all learned two important things from all of this: 1) if some public figure is annoying you, send that person to Ottawa. This is the first time I've heard Tonks name mentioned in the better part of a decade! Packing him off to Parliament was a great way to shut him up and keep him out of trouble, and 2) Rose-Marie might like this club.

11:11 PM , # ,


Monday, June 06, 2005


Downtown Toronto

ALICE: Everybody says you're the best private investigator in town, Amazing Ray.

RAY: People say a lot of things.

ALICE: Well, I need help. Are you amazing or not?

RAY: What's my name?

ALICE: Amazing?

RAY: There's you answer.

ALICE: Ray, I'm in big trouble. We're all in big trouble. Everybody. Everywhere.

RAY: Trouble? What kind of trouble?

ALICE: I ... I ... I can't say. It's too terrifying. Ray, only one person can help us. Ray, I need to find ...

RAY: Quon'dar?

ALICE: How did you know?

RAY: What's my name?

ALICE: Right. Quon'dar is the only hope any of us have! If we can't find him in time ... a world of pain and horror awaits.

RAY: Don't worry, we'll find Quon'dar.

ALICE: He's in the city ...

RAY: I know, I read that post. Now why don't you sit back, relax and listen to a little good, ol' fashioned country music.

ALICE: Um, don't you think we'd better start looking for Quon'dar?

RAY: All in good time. Hey, pour me a shot of that there Jack Daniels, would you?

ALICE: Here.

RAY: AHHH! That hit the spot.


RAY: Ok, sing along, missy! All my life was a paper once plain, pure and white;
till you moved with your pen changin' moods now and then
till the balance was right.
Then you added some music, ev'ry note was in place ...

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Book 'Em, Dano

Ok, Kinsella passed this book thing along, so here it goes ...

Number of books I own: A little over 200 in number, and the oldest of those are a little over 200 in age (they're worth zilch, but they look nice on the shelf). But I'm not that interested in numbers, so I'm adding the next thing to the list ...

Reading style: I'm a dabbler, so I tend to have three or four things going at once. Some books I never finish, some take ages to finish and a few I'll finish in a night.

Last book I bought: The whole Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I hated the movie, so I wanted to see if I'd still enjoy the books. I read them in university and enjoyed them except for the one where Arthur and Trillian fall in love, it was a little light on the laughs.

Last book I read: Last book I finished was Time Out of Joint, a weak Phillip K. Dick story with a disappointing ending. Right now I'm enjoying Love in the Time of Cholera, which was lent to me, an annoying (so far) Marx Brothers biography by Simon Louvish and I keep a copy of the first Maakies collection by my bed just in case I ever need a jolt.

Five books that "mean a lot" to me:

I started reading AKU-AKU: The Secret of Easter Island in 1982 and still haven't finished, even though I still read a few pages every few years. I can't finish it 'cause I'm enjoying it so much, I couldn't bear the separation anxiety. I still have my original bookmark, currently resting at page 265, an Atari Owners Club Official Bulletin -- hey, Brian Brand won the National Asteroids Championship at the CNE!

The book tells the story of Thor Heyerdahl's exploration and excavation of the island during an expedition in the 1950s.

I made lots and lots of Super8 films as a kid and Aunt Maggie gave me this copy of Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman for Xmas, also in 1982. As you can see, its been read and reread and is in rough shape. It's funny but it also sets a good example of how to approach your own work critically ... as Goldman does, with help, on a sample script he provides.

If I'm ever mean to you in your comments, blame Goldman.

Curnoe: Life and Stuff is the book/project catalogue that accompanied the retrospective of his work at the AGO several years ago. I went to art school at Beal in London and hung out with Curnoe's son, Galen and Mark Favro-- I was coming from a small rural village and they were the first group of people I met who also grew up making lots and lots of Super8 movies. We used to swap films and it was weird seeing which conventions we both used (such as scratching 'lasers' on the film) and which ones were unique (in a couple of films, they used fireworks for "laser guns"). This book is now a reminder of what it means to live a full, creative life (Curnoe was an active artist, local historian, cyclist, skier, etc etc etc ...).

The Shape of the Cityby John Sewell takes a passionate look at the battles that mostly saved Toronto from many of the indignities that afflicted American cities: rampant expressway construction, horrible public housing projects and the destruction of heritage buildings. It connects local democracy to planning issues and does a good job of exposing the quackery that led to North American suburban car culture.

I did a book report on The Black Donnellys in grade 6 and reread it a few years ago. It really gives you the flavour of some of the harshness of that area's rural culture. I grew up in the London area and even went to school with Donnelly descendents (Jenny Donnelly moved to Glencoe after the murders). This story really rings true on a frosty November night when you're taking the dog for a walk to the back of the field ... or if you're paying a visit to the local arena or hotel.

Those are my books. In the spirit of the exercise, I'm passing this on to:

Adina, Brett Lamb OZ, Christie, Day in the Life (for fun, just to piss him off) and elanamatic.

I'm free, I'm finally free!

9:54 PM , # ,


Intelligent Design

King East

I was over at Medlab's playing videogames.

BLAMB: Hey! Primal Rage! This one's a classic. I used to love this game. The character animation is excellent!

MEDLAB: Ok, let's fight ...

BLAMB: I want to be the monkey! He's got a special move. When he kills his opponent, he pees on him.


BLAMB: You'll see it when we play.

MEDLAB: That's disgusting!

BLAMB: No it's not.

MEDLAB: He pees on his dead enemy's body?

BLAMB: It's like acid pee. It dissolves the corpse.

MEDLAB: Yeesh.

BLAMB: It's a frank representation of the brutality of the natural world. If National Geographic was doing a documentary on monkeys, do you think they'd omit the fact that monkeys sometimes pee and fling poop at you?

MEDLAB: This isn't National Geographic, it's mutants and dinosaurs fighting with super powers.

BLAMB: I know, but think about it in the context of their era. The pee fatality move is simply one of the realities of living in a post-apocalyptic world. As horrifying as it may seem to those of us sitting in our comfortable pre-apocalyptic livingrooms, it's part of nature's beauty. It's an expression of the full, rich diversity of life.

MEDLAB: But it's not an expression of the natural realm. Those sorts of behaviours and powers couldn't have evolved. Some sort of intelligence was at work -- look at them! They must have been genetically modified or something.

BLAMB: They could have evolved ...

MEDLAB: And if they're enhanced creatures, then there's no reason to include the pee move in the game because the creatures shown are not natural and this is not a Discovery Channel documentary.

BLAMB: It doesn't matter. The powers and the fighting moves aren't natural, but peeing certainly is.

MEDLAB: Super acid pee?

BLAMB: It's possible. The behaviour is natural.

MEDLAB: It's a stretch.

BLAMB: I suppose you also think the Puke Inhale Fatality is unnatural and offensive, too?

MEDLAB: It's one thing to beat your opponent, it's quite another to defile their corpse by peeing on it.

BLAMB: Oh, hey! You're almost dead! Get ready for the golden shower!

MEDLAB: No! Your guy is almost dead too ... Aw! Crap!


MEDLAB: He isn't peeing.

BLAMB: He's just beating his stupid chest. Where's the list of moves?

MEDLAB: It's not listed on here.

BLAMB: Bloody hell. It's not Blizzard who pees on his opponents, it's Chaos, the little, crazy monkey.

MEDLAB: Too bad.

BLAMB: That actually makes sense when you think about it. Smaller, less evolved primates would be inclined to experience a more primal form of rage than the noble apes, therefore they would be more apt to pee on the broken bodies of their victims.

MEDLAB: The amount of rage could have been determined by genetic modification.

BLAMB: What's with the technological fundamentalism? Restart the game and get ready to be PEED ON!

12:09 PM , # ,


Saturday, June 04, 2005


Zack & I were just out for a walk and a woman said to us, "Hi, I was just walking behind you and I realized ... I read your blog. I recognized your dog." I think that's the first time that's ever happened to us. A big hello to Anne!

Just a reminder, this blog will be going on a two week hiatus starting Friday!

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Friday, June 03, 2005

This Day in Gifts

[left] My neighbour gave me a massive slab of rum cake. It was pretty intense ... even the icing was soaked in booze. [right] That's not a pile of dirty laundry, it's a huge pile of clothes from Jeff. He's moved to BC where he's working on graphics for EA and decided to travel light ... and I got some great used clothes.

But some of the shirts seem a little too "young" for me, you should always dress your age. Since everyone loves to judge others, often harshly, here's an opportunity for you to judge! Take a look at these shirts and vote on the best option. Go vote, NOW!


7:14 PM , # ,


I Knew Hitler and You, Sir, Are No Hitler!

Less than, equal to and worse than Hitler. [via busblog]

4:29 PM , # ,


Laugh It Up, Fuzzball

Zack is on Dogster, you can view his page here. Merv already set up pages for Molly & Lexie. Dogs are pack animals, so social networking works well for them.

3:07 PM , # ,


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Challenging Stage

Making good sandwiches is more difficult in the warm weather because the bananas ripen much faster. This photo makes me cry.

9:47 AM , # ,


Run, Alice, Run!

Why is Alice running?

Who is chasing her?

Why does she go in the alley?

Why did I export this as a crappy Windows Media Video file? It's 3 Mb, btw.

I'm afraid.

Hold me.

12:52 AM , # ,


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Feedback Loopy

First some blog stuff, then I will respond to reader comments:

Eva posted her pics from the island run day, includes pic of a giant dog and trapped racoon. Meanwhile, Nadia attended the Comic Arts Fest and Doors Open and saw some guerilla gardeners.

Merv bathed the flea-infested beastie. Christie found the best song ever [and others].

Now for politics: In the midnight hour, Andrew Spicer reads more, more, more. Overheard at the gym by Dead Robot:

"With all the research I've been doing I have discovered that the terrorists who died during 9-11 were all extremely handsome men. Despite the US trying to villainize them."

And now, READER COMMENTS! Here's some feedback on the smoking comic.

Yan writes:

This seems untrue, and thus unfunny. Smokers look like they're doing something idiotic, which is not the same as looking idiotic. They're sucking on a stick. Does that look more idiotic than chewing gum, or sucking on a lollipop, or licking an icecream cone, or chewing on a pencil, or shovelling food into your mouth? Vision skewed by self-righteousness. See what is there.

Yan attempts to do what I did in the Bruce Mau post but fails miserably because there's a difference between being accurate and taking things too literally. Yan, quit smoking.

Dave writes:

Meh - I believe that everyone's free to do as they wish. I don't smoke, because it's my choice, I don't think smokers look stupid or anything.

If the first sentence is true, then Dave should have no problem with me drawing a comic featuring a character who says that smokers look like idiots. Because they do. Dave continues:

I also doubt all the fear raised by saying "Smoking causes cancer", of all the smokers I've known, they've lived long lives - the only person I do know that developed lung cancer never smoked a day in his life.

I have never known anyone who has been to Antarctica, therefore, not only do people not go to Antarctica, the continent does not exist. Dave later retracts that statement but insists:

... but if we are going to make fun of a certain group of lifestyle choices for the risks they cause, then other factors must also be paid attention to as well (including diet, sun exposure, lack exercise).

I don't undertsand the point he's trying to make. I have made fun of other lifestyle choices in comics, such as eating fast food. This is the first time I've done a smoking comic. WHY DOES DAVE LOVE SMOKING SO MUCH?

daddyg then observes:

good points. some medical journals report that obesity-related conditions will pass cancer as a cause of mortality and morbidity in the next 20 years.

Those must not be very good journals, because cancer is an obesity-related condition (ha ha, SLAM!).

SeanieD ends up completely off-topic:

Hey...what about bloggers who wear socks with their sandals?!?!? NOW THAT IS IDIOTIC!!!!

One time! I did that ONE TIME! TWO FREAKIN' YEARS AGO!

In the end, I agree with Paul:

Smoking a cigarette is equivalent to holding a sign that says "I'm an ignorant, selfish moron." I'm surprised people aren't embarassed to be smokers. It's a weakness, a waste of money and a hazard to your health (as well as others).

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