Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hot Docs 2006 Launches!

Full post on this morning's Hot Docs press conference at BrettLamb.com.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to Blog!

Today is this blog's 4th birthday!

This blog is on break until April. Sporadic posting continues at BrettLamb.com.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Best Canadian Blogger x 3


Rannie just won Best Canadian Blogger at this year's Bloggies, currently being handed out down in Austin... he heard that I was taking a blog break.

BLAMB: Hey, you won Best Canadian Blogger for the third time! Are you going to Disneyland?

RANNIE: Not right now.

BLAMB: You even beat Rick Mercer.

RANNIE: But I lost in the Best Photography category to the Flickr blog.

BLAMB: That's not fair. Flickr shouldn't be eligible, how the frak are you supposed to compete against the entire world?

RANNIE: boingboing won Lifetime Acheivement.

BLAMB: The lifetime of a blog. So short ... so short.

RANNIE: And you're taking a blog break? What about your poor readers?

BLAMB: Let them eat cake!

RANNIE: You don't normally take a break at this time.

BLAMB: I'm swamped; there's too much to do and I've got to pour all of my energy into the fest work. The blog will be back once the storm passes.

RANNIE: Sometimes it almost seems like you talk in an ongoing stream of cliches.

BLAMB: Sometimes I do. Anyhooooooo, I'm going to keep posting from time to time on my main page, so it's not a total break. And there will be a special post here tomorrow.

RANNIE: Special post? What is it?

BLAMB: It's a secret. Check in tomorrow.


BLAMB: So congratulations! You know, it's an honour just to be nominated!

RANNIE: But I won.

BLAMB: That's okay, too.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Clash of Cultures

Sci fi fans vs. Drama fans.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Hot Sandwich in the City

By accident, I created a sandwich that burns hotter than the sun.

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Wayner's Taste of Oscar Glory

Here's a 1989 picture of Wayner visiting the Bingo Hall that used to be run by Paul Haggis's father. In high school I often worked that smokey room to help raise money for my sister's figure skating club. Last time I saw the building, it had been sitting empty for many years and knowing London, it's probably been converted into the city's 27th Home Depot.

I haven't seen Crash ... er, Crash yet, but it's been taking some flack since winning the Best Picture, even from the hometown critic. Cronenberg's complaint about the 'borrowed' title is probably the most legit, especially considering that he changed the name of his film about twin gynecologists to Dead Ringers to keep it from being confused with the Swarzenegger flick, Twins.

As for the other critics, keep in mind that the Oscars are seldom about 'the best' and in recent years, the choices have become sillier and sillier. Look at this list of Best Picture winners; looking back, some of those choices are completely forgettable. Gladiator? Titanic? And Rocky, remember, beat Taxi Driver for Best Picture. This year, Grizzly Man ... clearly 2005's best documentary in a year of strong docs ... wasn't even nominated!

So, whether you loved or hated the film, an Oscar Crash-lash is unnecessary. Films like Grizzly Man and A History of Violence will still resonate with the audience long after "winners" like Out of Africa are long forgotten. And every time Oscar snubs a complex film, they reinforce the notion that it's an award that doesn't have much value.

Out of Africa ... try watching that now and see how long you last ...!

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The Movie Experience: Conclusion

Queen Street West

There was a gathering at the Drake to celebrate the opening of Rhinoceros Eyes.

The film's director, Aaron Woodley, was interviewed by the tv news. David Cronenberg said a few words of introduction.

"Max" tried to take over my life but i think it may have all been in my mind. Metro columnist Enza Supermodel (seen previously in The Peace Rally Experience) told Amber stories about her political career, like the time she placed 3rd (out of 26 candidates) in the mayor's race.

Enza was star-struck by Cronenberg.

Marc Glassman will be hosting Veronica Verkley's creation, 'Max' in a window display at Pages starting today. Drop by and take a look if you're on Queen.

Aaron Woodley and James Allodi (Hamish) pose for pics ...

And that's a wrap! Now go see the flick, it's playing at Canada Square.

Also: Crash-lash and more Crash-lash.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Starts Friday

Rhinoceros Eyes is on the cover of today's EYE WEEKLY. The films opens on Friday. Sharky spoke with the film's director, Aaron Woodley, last week ...

SHARKY: Hey, man. I'm tapped out. Buy me a drink.

WOODLEY: You sound like you've had plenty.

SHARKY: Plenty is good. Plenty more is plenty better.

WOODLEY: Maybe not in this case.

SHARKY: I watched your movie tonight; it was pretty weird. What's your next project? Blue Velvet II?

WOODLEY: I'm directing a film starring Mariah Carey.

SHARKY: What? Wow! I love Mariah Carey! I'm her biggest fan!

WOODLEY: What's your favourite song?

SHARKY: You know ... that one ... um ... uhhhh ... I LOVE THEM ALL!

WOODLEY: You don't have a favourite?

SHARKY: Oh, oh! I like that one that goes:
Too high, Can't come down
Losin' my head, Spinnin' 'round and 'round
Do you feel me now?

WOODLEY: That's not Mariah Carey.

SHARKY: Sure it is.

WOODLEY: I think it's Britney Spears.

SHARKY: Have you ever listened to Mariah Carey? It's freakin' Mariah Carey.

WOODLEY: That's not even her style or ...

SHARKEY: Where's a freakin' computer? Google it if you don't believe me.

WOODLEY: You don't need a computer. You're wrong.

SHARKY: If I'm wrong, will you buy me a drink?

WOODLEY: Yes ... wait, I mean no!

SHARKY: Too late! SCORE!

VIDEO: NSFW preview clip.
Review & interview. [ twitch ]

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It's Back!

Spacing Wire reports that Sean Lerner has reposted the PDF of Robot Johnny's subway map and is encouraging other to host the map. Here it is!

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Evolve, Dammit!

Wil Wright's crazy, ambitious new game Spore. [ video demo via Metafilter ]

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[ above ] My Tormentor-class frigate mining an asteroid.

Thanks to Christie's recommendation, I've been playing EVE Online for a few weeks. After the disappointment of Second Life, finally ... a MMORPG I can enjoy. And it's familiar territory; EVE is an updated, reworked version of the classic Homeworld. In my galactic neighbourhood, Homeworld's DNA is still visible at every turn.

The game is simple enough: you fly around space earning cash and skills so you can get larger and more powerful ships that allow you to tread in some of the dodgier spots in the galaxy without getting completely blown to bits. The Tormentor frigate pictured was my first, cheap frigate ... we got through a few tough scrapes together. I've traded up to a destroyer and I'm getting ready to take on more difficult adversaries.

Remember my complaints about Second Life? Here are two quick things (of many) EVE does to address them:

1) In Second Life, the emphasis on the market made the place seem ... and look ... like a fascist shopping mall during a recession. In EVE, even with a big wad you have to develop skills to get the good stuff. Not making the economy the dominant value system creates a more balanced and enjoyable game.

2) EVE doesn't rely on 2nd Life's 'tyranny of manners' to maintain order. Instead, solar systems having varying levels of security enforced by an in-game police force (called 'Concord' ... they act like the agents in The Matrix). If you want to hang out and do some easy mining, you stick to the well-patrolled systems, if you want the Wild West, you can head for systems with little or no security. But to keep things interesting, even Concord ships can be brought down with enough firepower ... a lot of firepower. And not without complicating your life.

EVE works because they took care to structure the game in a way that's balanced and provides learning curves and experiences for every level of player. The creators of Second Life should take notes ...

If you decide to join the game or take out a trial account, my character is Jang Skutter and right now I'm splitting my time between the Sehmy system and Kor-Azor Prime ... although I've been spreading out to other systems recently. Look me up!

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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Movie Experience

2 - Meet the Director

After the preview screening of Rhinoceros Eyes, we went over to Hemingways to meet the film's director, Aaron Woodley (above, left) and the film's star, TOR!

Jen & Eva were awed by the atmosphere as they entered the bar. Jamie kept a close eye on Sharky.

SHARKY: Hey man, I liked the scene when you went to the bar. I love bars.

TOR: uuuhhh hhhuuuuuaaauuu ...

SHARKY: I need a drink right now. Do you want a drink?

TOR: wwuuuuuaaaahhhh ooouuuu ...

SHARKY: I'm gonna take that as a 'yes'.

TOR: uuuuhhh...hoooooommm.

SHAKRY: I'll make it a double.

Veronica Verkley (above, left) created the models used in the film's stop motion animation sequences.

SHARKY: Oh yeah, I love a massage! Don't stop.

VERKLEY: I'm just measuring you ...

SHARKY: What? Hey, don't get any crazy ideas!

VERKLEY: Have you ever considered modelling as a career option?

SHARKEY: [ gulp ]

Meanwhile ...

WOODLEY: Did you like the film? Do you have any questions?

MARIA: I have a question ... have you seen my mitt?

WOODLEY: Um ... no, I haven't seen your mitt.

MARIA: I lost it in a taxi. This one is lonely without it.

WOODLEY: Why don't you just knit a replacement?

MARIA: It couldn't replace it, it could only succeed it ... [!!! BONUS STAR TREK QUOTE!!!]

H5N1: Hey, everybody! Sorry I'm late!

KEVIN: It's H5N1! The famous bird flu virus!

SHARKY: What the hell are you doing here?

H5N1: I've been spending my time spreading across the world. I need a beer.

SHARKY: Do you infect sharks?

H5N1: Naw, right now I'm working on my human to human transmission skills. Bloody tough nut to crack.

SHARKY: What's the point?

H5N1: The point? Baby, look at me, and tell me what you see!

SHARKY: Have I seen the best of you yet?

H5N1: Give me time and I'll make you forget the rest.

SHARKY: But you're not going to live forever.

H5N1: Then baby, REMEMBER MY NAME!

I have passes for tomorrow night's preview screening. Email happycreature[at]gmail[dot]com if you'd like some.

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This Thursday


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Sunday, March 05, 2006

But We Only Just Met ...

Molly, Meredith's happy, bouncey pup died yesterday after being hit by a car.

We're all going to miss her.


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Friday, March 03, 2006

Compound Spin

Warren wrote on his blog:

People I like - Blamb, Stephen Taylor among them - have been going at my pal Ben Chin over his C.V. Some of those attacks have been showing up on the pro-NDP site, Rabble. Between the partisan silliness, Rabble has published statements that have been, in my opinion, expressions of bigotry.

I'm not "going at" Ben Chin, I saw a glaring piece of spin and noted it. It's something that could have been easily dealt with by issuing a simple clarification. The ad clearly provided an incomplete story and the gaps piqued my interest and made me curious about the "real" story. If there is no "real" story, the ad copy did more damage than good.

Instead, by crying "bigotry" (because of one lame post in a long thread), this issue is finding legs and dragging on, making more people curious about the "real" story ... which may or may not even exist. The ad was a curiosity, the inability of Chin's campaign to address questions about it is troubling.

Update: The story drags on, speculation and rumour ensues.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sharky's Movie Experience

1 - The Screening


Sharky arrived at the Cumberland Cinemas for the Rhinoceros Eyes screening only to find he wasn't on the list ...

SHARKY: Whaddya mean I'm not on the list?

MICOL: You're not on the list.



SUZANNE: You were supposed to RSVP.

SHARKY: Do you know who I am? Do you freakin' KNOW WHO I AM?

SUZANNE: Yeah, I do. You're that drunk shark.

SHARKY: Come on. I'm just here 'cause my good friend Mr. Blamb sent me an invite. I'm doin' him a favour, y'know?

SUZANNE: [ groans ] Fine. But no trouble, got it?

SHARKY: I'm a lover, not a fighter, baby.

Sharky walked down to the lower auditorium. He spotted Eva.

SHARKY: Hey, you here alone?

EVA: No, there's a group of us.

SHARKY: Maybe you and I should take off for a bit, eh?

EVA: You're drunk.

SHARKY: Fine. Be that way.

ELDON: Sharky's here! I guess it's a party!

SHARKY: Show me two coconuts, a pair of nylons and a bottle of gin and I'll show you a party. Hey, Jen's here!

JEN: Hi Sharky.

SHARKY: You brought your cow! Hi, little moo-cow! Coochie-coo! Can you say 'hi'?

JEN: It's not a cow, it's a giraffe.

SHARKY: Goats, cows, giraffes ... you freakin milk 'em the same way, no?

KEVIN: Sharky, smile! [ snap ]

SHARKY: Look at the size of that mother-freakin' camera! Hand it over. Let me take some pics.

Karen and Mike were in the line of sight.

SHARKY: Smile! I'm the freakin' paparazzi!

KAREN: It's that damn shark again.

MIKE: He's at every event. I can't stand that guy.

KAREN: Just smile and hope he goes away.

SHARKY: OK! Who else wants their picture taken? I'm taking the pictures, now. Look at me, I'm photoblogging ... yyyaaaaaaahhhh!

MIKE: What an idiot.

SHARKY: Hey, Jamie! Smile, ya whore!

JAMIE: Did you just call me a 'whore'?

SHARKY: Don't be such a sensitive man-whore.

JAMIE: You couldn't afford my rates ...

Sharky spotted Maria.

SHARKY: Hey babe, how's it hanging?

MARIA: Sharky!

SHARKY: You and I could get together after the show. You know, spend some time.

MARIA: Oh, Sharky ... I love spending time with you.

SHARKY: Go back to my place ...

MARIA: Hot tub ...

SHARKY: Candles ...

Maria shoves him away.

MARIA: HA! You don't think I read the internet? I know all about you and Lily Smitson!

SHARKY: What? We're just friends!

MARIA: She said she loves you.

SHARKY: Like a friendly sort of love.

WHACK! Maria punches him.

MARIA: I have had enough of YOU! You treat people like crap.


MARIA: You're stinkin' drunk. Sit down and watch the movie and don't bother anybody.

Sharky sat and sulked.


The Movie Experience continues Monday:
Meet the director! Meet Tor! Meet the H5N1 virus!

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Don't Fall in Love With Sharky

My assistant, Lily, was doodling when she should have been filing.

LILY SMITSON: Are you going to see Sharky at that movie thing, tonight?

BLAMB: He said he'd be there.

LILY: Will you give him this card I made?

BLAMB: Er ... Have you been dating Sharky?

LILY: He's just amazing!

BLAMB: He gets around, you know. He dates a lot of women and it always ends badly. Didn't you hear about the blow-out with Maria?

LILY: He just hasn't found the right person.

BLAMB: You're the right person?

LILY: I understand him.

BLAMB: Do you understand his drinking problem?

LILY: I understand that he hurts.

BLAMB: He hurts?

LILY: Because he hasn't found love. Because he's alone. Because nobody really cares for him.

BLAMB: Because he's a jerk?

LILY: You're the jerk.

BLAMB: I just don't want to see you get hurt.

LILY: Really?

BLAMB: You might mess up the filing if you're heartbroken.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

BIG Buildings

Wondering about the proposed condos across from the Gladstone? It's clear they're too damn big. Active18 wants input. [ via SpacingWire ]

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Coming Up

A few people asked and yes, Thursday night's screening is FREE if you RSVP: rhinoeyes.rsvp@rogers.com

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